BHDM is the Manhattan-based design studio led by partners Dan Mazzarini and Brian Humphrey. With a combined 35 years of experience across varying design industries, Mazzarini and Humphrey are experts at crafting unique experiential spaces with a sense of history and narrative.

Since 2008, BHDM has worked on a diverse array of residential and commercial projects, including high profile hotels, restaurants, and retail. In helping its distinguished clientele translate their vision, BHDM tells a story through the spaces it creates while re-imagining the visual landscape through stylish, spirited, sophisticated designs that embrace a sense of theatricality and the unexpected.


BHDM utilizes a discerning and visceral approach to it’s design process:
  • Intuiting the brand essence – BHDM carefully listens to the client to assess not only their history and needs, but more importantly to intuit the evolution of their brand. How does the client see themselves, who do they want to become, and what is the face they want to show to the world?
  • Imagining the brand narrative – Through imagery, inspiration, and illustration, BHDM crafts a unique narrative and design solution for each client. From the big picture to the last detail, this narrative drives the design.
  • Implementing the vision – With an extraordinary array of resources and artisans, BHDM develops details for the project with a cross-disciplinary approach and a focus on enriching the brand experience. Regardless of precedent or budget, BHDM focuses on carefully edited design decisions to optimize resources and to develop spaces with a layered and polished finished presentation.


BHDM services include branding, interior design, furniture design, interior architecture, art direction, graphic design, merchandising, visual direction and styling.

updated: 3 years ago