From the drawing board, Chien Bizarre was a marketing pitch to help a client raise capital for an upcoming restaurant concept.

Conceived as a mash up of worldly ports of call, Chien Bizarre was to play up the history of the location of this West Village eatery. At one point this location was on the edge of Manhattan, and was a brothel for sailors coming into port. Our client wanted to play up not only the history of the location, but to speak to a mix of worldly influences and aesthetics.

The result was an intimate space, where visitors would enter through the kitchen to heighten the almost residential neighborhood vibe. A carved bar, beaded curtains, and layered painted details would represent a mix of cultures. Saturated paints and specialty lighting would add to the layered, moody ambiance.

BHDM concepted the space, interior and exterior, as well as the beginnings of the brand image for this presentation.